The Under-Analyst

I did it. I turned 30.  It was surprisingly painless!  Looking back on the twenties I shake my head a little bit (what WAS I thinking?) but in no way do I have major regrets nor feel as if I missed out on something.  Do I wish I would have studied abroad in Italy vs. London? Yes, but then I would have never met my best friend Kelly and then I probably wouldn’t have moved out here later on.  Do I wish I wouldn’t have dated a few idiots? Sure, but then I wouldn’t know what a true gem of a husband I have.  Do I wish I would have had more cats?  ALWAYS, but my mom wouldn’t have taken more than one in for my traveling. So, it turns out everything happens for a reason.

deputy gilligan


So now do I feel older? Yes and no.  I feel responsible, as if life is finally manageable.  Granted, this was a long time in the works and I pretty much had it mastered at 29, but now it feels solid.  And I feel mature (commence laughing). Being mature doesn’t have to look a certain way…  being mature is being accountable, doing the right thing, nurturing relationships, working hard in a career. The fact that I am playful, creative, bubbly, cat loving and at times a bit odd is my personality and that will never change.  So do I feel older?  Not really, but maybe just a little bit wiser.

Example a)  Birthday in Napa – mature.  Everyone wearing cat ears in Napa -I vote still mature!




Example b) I really want to buy this…  (yea, I know- NOT mature- but still awesome)


Hooray for 30!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes.

I definitely experienced the first pang of “father time” with this one. 28 just seemed so perfect.  Being 28 meant that I had arrived comfortably in my late twenties but that I still had time for a few mistakes.  It said, “ask me questions because I’m wise, but I’m still hip in the scheme of things.”  28 was perfect for “yea, kids some day… far from now.”


I haven’t given 29 its identity yet.  It means, “I’m almost 30!”

I’m sure it will all settle and I’ll get used to being 28+1.

But until then I’ll just focus on my amazing presents!!!!!!!!!

Thanks honey-