The Under-Analyst

It seems sort of ridiculous that I haven’t had “time” to write anything on this blog since my last day of work but I’m truly amazed at how time goes by when you’re unemployed.

A glimpse into my hectic schedule:

8a.m. RISE & SHINE- yea that’s right, instead of waking up at 6:30 everyday I now shuffle my slippers into the kitchen well after the sun has shown her face, but it’s still technically “early” so I’m no lazy bones.

8:10a.m.  COFFEE TIME- Fresh coffee every morning accompanied by many ‘good morning’ cat songs.  I can no longer justify trips to Pete’s or Starbucks, which is ok with me because that’d mean I’d have to get dressed.


8:15a.m. WATER PLANTS- it’s amazing how much different our plants look now that I water them daily!

8:30a.m. EMAILS- I start by seeing if any “good” emails are waiting for me in the inbox, but after seeing yet another Taco John’s announcement (I’ve tried to unsubscribe at least 10 times) I start doing really important things like; writing that TripAdvisor review from a vacation two years ago, endorsing people on LinkedIn, online shopping and then at the last minute x-ing out of the tab, researching new hobbies that I’m going to start now that I have the time (horsemanship training, learning French, painting class, piano lessons, finally get that green belt in karate…), and reading/watching endless animal videos on PetFlow…

10:30a.m. OMG IT’S ALREADY 10:30!?- With anxiety I sit and try to formulate the rest of my day.  How will I get my fitness in?  I still need to do my actual “work” building a few websites and LA Brunchers stuff.  The cats need petting! I should get some laundry done.  Overwhelmed I throw myself onto the couch and read a magazine.

11:00a.m. HEY I’M HUNGRY-  I realize I haven’t eaten yet.  The kitchen is my oyster.  I can potentially make an amazing omelet or take on a new and exciting recipe.  The fridge is stocked and I’m feeling inspired.  I opt to have a piece of toast and apple.

11:05a.m. BRUNCH BREAK-  With my delicious toast in hand I turn on an episode of House Hunters. Whoa, big decision time… do I want to watch HH regular or HH International!?  Why not watch one of each? YAY.

12:00p.m. INTERRUPTION- Our cleaning lady arrives.  I had totally forgotten she was coming today.  Crap! Now I have to go to the gym because it’s way too awkward just sitting around while she cleans.  I grumpily drag myself to fitness.

1:30p.m.  ERRANDS- Since I’m out and about I suppose I’ll cross a few important things off my to do list.  Car wash-check! $25 foot rub- check!  Yogurt Land- check! Anthropologie candles- check!

2:00p.m. MIKE CALLS- Oh crap, he can hear the background music at Anthro and asks me if I’m shopping? Damn, I’m caught.  I try to emphasize the fact that I worked ALL morning and just came from the gym.  He doesn’t sound too convinced.  I promise him I’ll get back to the home office soon. “Love you SOOO MUCH meow meow meow”

2:15p.m. MOM CALL-  At this point I’ve probably already called my mom at least three times but she hasn’t answered.  Finally she picks up and I talk to her as long as possible before inevitably she says, “ok some of us have to work around here, love you, I have to go.”  to which I reply, “Noo, don’t go! Mom wait- I haven’t told you about Gilligan’s new cat brush we’ve been using…”

3:00p.m. BACK TO “WORK”- I get back on the world wide web and tackle some e-mails and work on some websites and overbook our social calendar.  Gilligan sits on computer and sends an email to a bruncher that reads; “osgaoighoihgoieahgaoihgoiehgoaihgoihaoigoi”.  He is fired.

Gilligan asleep

4:30p.m.  SNACK TIME- I’m hungry and it’s time for a snack!  I’ll just shovel a few bites of our turkey taco leftovers in my face, which reminds me “what will we make for dinner tonight?”  I should probably go to the grocery store.  Maybe chicken and asparagus? Nah, it’s Mike’s turn to cook tonight.

5:00p.m.  MIKE’S HOME-  YAY,  my work day is officially over and it just flew by!

Where DOES the time go I ask myself…


13. 06. 2014

Bye Bye!  Farewell! Adios! See ya Never!

Today is officially my last day of work, forever! Ok, not forever but at least for now.  It’s with some sadness but mainly immense joy that I leave my job at the school.  No longer will I mold minds or ask the wealthy for money – instead I will mold cats and ask Mike for money.  It’s a decent trade.  I’m beyond excited to focus my energy on LA Brunchers, real estate AND my little “pet” projects to come.


office mate

office mate


berries from our tiny terrace garden

berries from our tiny terrace garden


So how will I be spending my very first Monday out of the office you ask?  Well let me tell you…  I’ll be deep in conversation with the beautiful and talented Helene Henderson of Malibu Farm over fresh coffee on the pier.  Taking notes on her farm, her pet goats, brunch menu and her Swedish heritage for our LA Travel Magazine article.

I think this summer is off to a great start.



photo from Chalkboard Mag

photo from Chalkboard Mag




photo from Chalkboard Mag

photo from Chalkboard Mag





Stay tuned for adventures…