The Under-Analyst

Remember when Thanksgiving equaled time off from school, all the pie you could eat and the option of wearing the same pair of purple stretch pants three days in a row?!  Quite possibly I was tasked with setting the table or maybe light dish washing but in reality I didn’t do anything beyond fight over the wishbone.


stretch pants


Fast forward to adult life.  We are officially old and story boarding the menu (there’s only one oven), testing online recipes, coordinating side dishes, finding cabinets to hide all of our clutter.  Oh the pressure…!  What if our turkey is dry?  What if no one eats my green bean casserole?  What are Petey and Gilligan going to wear?

So I have to sit back and remember that the holiday is about gratitude (and Indians).  I’m grateful that we have a place to host.  I’m grateful my husband likes to cook.  I’m grateful that I get to create the menu and can omit all things marshmallow.  I’m grateful for health and for the Bravo network.  I’m still grateful for stretch pants.  I’m especially grateful for gravy.  Oh and of course cats.  And my family and Burt’s Bees chapstick AND back rubs.  Phew!

Good luck to everyone this Thanksgiving!



31. 10. 2014

I love Halloween.  I’m not a big fan of anything scary (I can’t watch horror films, no but seriously I have nightmares even from Law & Order).  I AM a fan, however, of candy, dressing up and all animals/babies in costumes!  I failed to buy Gilligan and Petey costumes this year (the day isn’t over…) so I can’t show you what would be the most amazing photos ever.  So instead I’ve searched the internet and have come up with some of my favorites.  There is one that could be Petey’s brother!


pumpkin cat


teddy cat


could be petey


bumblebee cat



Happy Halloween everyone!  Please keep your pets safe inside tonight :)