The Under-Analyst
31. 10. 2014

I love Halloween.  I’m not a big fan of anything scary (I can’t watch horror films, no but seriously I have nightmares even from Law & Order).  I AM a fan, however, of candy, dressing up and all animals/babies in costumes!  I failed to buy Gilligan and Petey costumes this year (the day isn’t over…) so I can’t show you what would be the most amazing photos ever.  So instead I’ve searched the internet and have come up with some of my favorites.  There is one that could be Petey’s brother!


pumpkin cat


teddy cat


could be petey


bumblebee cat



Happy Halloween everyone!  Please keep your pets safe inside tonight :)



Today has the potential to be the best day of my entire life (which is saying a lot considering my wedding was pretty amazing).  For most of you out there, today is just another Thursday.  It’s a check mark on the calendar, part of your daily grind.  Maybe you’ll splurge and treat yourself to frozen yogurt?  Or just maybe you have some amazing shows saved on your TiVo ?  Good for you.  But back to me and my most amazing day ever.


Today/tonight I will be working (volunteering) a charity gala event downtown.  Why?  Because I’m super philanthropic AND because one of the guests and presenters just happens to be…   UNCLE JESSE!!!!!  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

I’m going to get close to this guy….











I’ve been mentally and emotionally preparing myself for our moment.  Obviously there will be a physical jolt between the two of us. He will probably comment on the obvious connection in the air.  I’ll laugh and ask him if he likes cats.  He’ll tell me he loves them.  Then things will naturally move along and I’ll be forced to tell him that I’m married but we can be a progressive family and I can have two husbands.  He’ll agree.