The Under-Analyst

And just like that, in a flash of an instant, my days at home with my cats were gone!  It seemed all very serendipitous; a phone call out of nowhere, an excited recruiter, a hippy dippy progressive private school, a brand new position, five minute commute, 8 weeks vacation…  I was SOLD.

Fast forward three months later.  I miss my cats!!!!  While I’m getting into the swing of things I must admit there are days/hours when I find myself thinking the following:

*I wonder what Gilligan and Petey are doing right now?

*I wish I was in jammies.

*I feel so uninformed now that I can’t watch Ellen.

*OMG, who is going to let the FedEx guy in?

*My midday yoga friends must think I got fat and lazy.

*Sorry environment- now I have to shower everyday.

*How can I convince my co-workers to let Petey be our intern? (Please note Gilligan is not career minded- it would interrupt his much needed 23 hours of sleep per day)

*I can only call my mom three times a day and not fifteen, bummer.

*Happy Hour has to start AFTER five o’clock?

*(more ridiculous thoughts on cats-’should I get a webcam…’)

BUT, now for the good news- since I’m making tons of mullah  I can clearly afford to buy SO MANY more cats!


It seems sort of ridiculous that I haven’t had “time” to write anything on this blog since my last day of work but I’m truly amazed at how time goes by when you’re unemployed.

A glimpse into my hectic schedule:

8a.m. RISE & SHINE- yea that’s right, instead of waking up at 6:30 everyday I now shuffle my slippers into the kitchen well after the sun has shown her face, but it’s still technically “early” so I’m no lazy bones.

8:10a.m.  COFFEE TIME- Fresh coffee every morning accompanied by many ‘good morning’ cat songs.  I can no longer justify trips to Pete’s or Starbucks, which is ok with me because that’d mean I’d have to get dressed.


8:15a.m. WATER PLANTS- it’s amazing how much different our plants look now that I water them daily!

8:30a.m. EMAILS- I start by seeing if any “good” emails are waiting for me in the inbox, but after seeing yet another Taco John’s announcement (I’ve tried to unsubscribe at least 10 times) I start doing really important things like; writing that TripAdvisor review from a vacation two years ago, endorsing people on LinkedIn, online shopping and then at the last minute x-ing out of the tab, researching new hobbies that I’m going to start now that I have the time (horsemanship training, learning French, painting class, piano lessons, finally get that green belt in karate…), and reading/watching endless animal videos on PetFlow…

10:30a.m. OMG IT’S ALREADY 10:30!?- With anxiety I sit and try to formulate the rest of my day.  How will I get my fitness in?  I still need to do my actual “work” building a few websites and LA Brunchers stuff.  The cats need petting! I should get some laundry done.  Overwhelmed I throw myself onto the couch and read a magazine.

11:00a.m. HEY I’M HUNGRY-  I realize I haven’t eaten yet.  The kitchen is my oyster.  I can potentially make an amazing omelet or take on a new and exciting recipe.  The fridge is stocked and I’m feeling inspired.  I opt to have a piece of toast and apple.

11:05a.m. BRUNCH BREAK-  With my delicious toast in hand I turn on an episode of House Hunters. Whoa, big decision time… do I want to watch HH regular or HH International!?  Why not watch one of each? YAY.

12:00p.m. INTERRUPTION- Our cleaning lady arrives.  I had totally forgotten she was coming today.  Crap! Now I have to go to the gym because it’s way too awkward just sitting around while she cleans.  I grumpily drag myself to fitness.

1:30p.m.  ERRANDS- Since I’m out and about I suppose I’ll cross a few important things off my to do list.  Car wash-check! $25 foot rub- check!  Yogurt Land- check! Anthropologie candles- check!

2:00p.m. MIKE CALLS- Oh crap, he can hear the background music at Anthro and asks me if I’m shopping? Damn, I’m caught.  I try to emphasize the fact that I worked ALL morning and just came from the gym.  He doesn’t sound too convinced.  I promise him I’ll get back to the home office soon. “Love you SOOO MUCH meow meow meow”

2:15p.m. MOM CALL-  At this point I’ve probably already called my mom at least three times but she hasn’t answered.  Finally she picks up and I talk to her as long as possible before inevitably she says, “ok some of us have to work around here, love you, I have to go.”  to which I reply, “Noo, don’t go! Mom wait- I haven’t told you about Gilligan’s new cat brush we’ve been using…”

3:00p.m. BACK TO “WORK”- I get back on the world wide web and tackle some e-mails and work on some websites and overbook our social calendar.  Gilligan sits on computer and sends an email to a bruncher that reads; “osgaoighoihgoieahgaoihgoiehgoaihgoihaoigoi”.  He is fired.

Gilligan asleep

4:30p.m.  SNACK TIME- I’m hungry and it’s time for a snack!  I’ll just shovel a few bites of our turkey taco leftovers in my face, which reminds me “what will we make for dinner tonight?”  I should probably go to the grocery store.  Maybe chicken and asparagus? Nah, it’s Mike’s turn to cook tonight.

5:00p.m.  MIKE’S HOME-  YAY,  my work day is officially over and it just flew by!

Where DOES the time go I ask myself…